"Proof-of-work also solves the problem of determining representation in majority decisionmaking."
"Proof-of-work is essentially one-CPU-one-vote." - Satoshi Nakamoto


Solo CPU Mine

Mine on most modern CPUs

20 second blocks

Higher transaction throughput and faster confirmations

Reduced block size

BulletProof protocol for lower storage requirements


CN-IO PoW requires a fully synced blockchain

Consistant block timing

Difficulty adjusts each block reducing time variance

Secure and Private

CryptoNote privacy standards for all transactions

Total Supply: 18,446,744,074 before tail emission

Emissions Speed: Slower than Bitcoin for a fair distribution timeline

Emissions Curve: Non-linear to eliminate disruptive halving events

Reward: Slightly decreases each block to encourage early adoption

Detailed Technical Specifications


Linux (CLI)

Linux (GUI)

Windows (CLI)

Windows (GUI)

Apple (CLI)

Android (CLI)

Snapshot (zip)

Snapshot (7z)

Milestones and Roadmap
November / December
  • Discord in operation
  • Seed nodes in operation
  • Hard fork at block 66,001- Slate becomes Solo
  • PoW improvements for lower end CPUs, CN-IO is born
  • Syncing and node banning improvements
January / February
  • v1.0.3.4 released, v14 Hard fork block 88,001
    • Emission Schedule adjustment - early contribution rewards discounted
    • Code rebase from Masari/NERVA upstream
    • Node ban improvements
    • Logging improvements
  • Tested changes planned for v15 Hardfork. Analysis
  • Logos/Branding created
  • Website Launched
  • Block Explorer Launched
  • Git Repository events announcement bot added to Discord
  • Social media accounts created, ANNs posted
  • v1.0.3.5 released, v15 Hardfork block 227,001
    • SECOR (Uncle Mining) - Improved security and faster blocks
    • Full Bulletproofs - Reduced transaction size, lower fees
    • Upstream vulnerability reported by RYO Developers merged
    • Auto detection for mining threads added
    • Block Target changed to 20 seconds in mainnet
    • Mined Block reward adjusted maintaining emission schedule
  • SoloPay (Herb) the Discord tipbot launched with lotto functionality
  • Solo Wiki launched - Documentation and FAQ repository
  • v1.0.3.6 released, v16 Hardfork at block 277,001
    • Vulnerability Patch
    • Logging improvements
    • Adjusted DAA to address difficulty variance with faster block times
  • v1.0.3.7, v1.0.3.8 released
    • Logging improvements
    • Node Syncing improvements
  • Solo listed for trading at CRATEX
  • v1.0.4.0 released, v17 Hardfork at block 350,001
    • Difficulty Algorithm Improvements
    • Network Syncing Improvements
  • v1.0.4.1, v1.0.4.2, v1.0.4.3 released
    • Code cleanup and removal of obsolete functions
    • Node banning improvements
  • v1.0.4.4 released, v18 Hardfork at Block 440,001
    • Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm improvements
    • Cleanup checkpoints, Remove obsolete code
  • Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm research released
  • SoloOS - USB bootable operating system for mining on x86_64 systems released
  • v1.0.4.5 and v1.0.4.6 released
    • Merge in contrib/depends from Monero upstream
    • Improvements for high core/thread count CPUs and multi-socket platforms
  • Implement Gitlab CI for signed releases
  • ARMHF and ARM64 binaries released
  • Android64 binaries released - Android Command Line Miner
  • Website updated
  • v1.0.4.7 and v1.0.4.8 released
    • Merge in blockchain-export/import fixes from Masari upstream for Uncle blocks
    • General code cleanup/optimization
    • Remove AES_NI check for non-AES builds
    • CLI Wallet logging improvements
    • Compile time build tests
  • Solo listed at Bisq
  • v1.1.0.1 'Carbonite' Released
    • Major rebase from Monero v0.14.1.0 upstream
    • Trezor Model T support
    • Ledger Support up to Nano X
    • Experimental TOR/I2P/SOCKS support
    • Syncing speed and reliability improvements
    • Cold signing support
    • Multisig Messaging System
    • Cold signing/storage support
    • Added riscv64 support
  • Solo listed at SouthXchange
  • v1.1.0.2 and v1.1.0.3 Released
    • Better logging and info displayed during syncing
    • net_node code cleanup
    • Update mining_status command in solod to add Estimated Earnings with disclaimer included.
    • Add arg_fluffy_blocks / arg_no_fluffy_blocks flags
October / November
  • v1.1.0.4 Released
    • Pause mining when disconnected from the
      network or syncing to a new top block
    • Solo-GUI compatability changes
    • Upstream RingCT changes merged
  • Solo-GUI released for Windows and Linux with one click mining capability
  • December
    • v1.1.0.5 Released
      • CN-IO PoW related fixes. Alt_chains longer than 5 depth should now reorganize properly without a daemon restart, popping blocks, or importing a snapshot
      • Merge in latest changes from upstream Monero
    • Whitepaper Released
    • v1.1.0.6 Released
      • Minor release to move alt_block PoW messages to the debug log level.
    • Tested changes planned for v15 Hardfork. Analysis
    Future Goals
    • Blockchain based messaging
    • Port Web wallet from Masari
    • Android/iOS mobile apps with wallet, one click miner, and blockchain messaging
    • Benchmark Mode - Feature will allow user to benchmark device hashrates and cryptographically publish results to the blockchain
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