"Proof-of-work also solves the problem of determining representation in majority decisionmaking."
"Proof-of-work is essentially one-CPU-one-vote." - Satoshi Nakamoto


Solo CPU Mine

Mine on most modern CPUs

20 second blocks

Higher transaction throughput and faster confirmations

Reduced block size

BulletProof protocol for lower storage requirements


CN-IO PoW for resistance to
mining pools

Consistant block timing

Difficulty adjusts each block reducing time variance

Secure and Private

CryptoNote privacy standards for all transactions

Total Supply: 18,446,744,074 before tail emission

Emissions Speed: Slower than Bitcoin for a fair distribution timeline

Emissions Curve: Non-linear to eliminate disruptive halving events

Reward: Slightly decreases each block to encourage early adoption

Detailed Technical Specifications








Snapshot (zip)

Snapshot (7z)

Milestones and Roadmap
November / December
  • Discord in operation
  • Seed nodes in operation
  • Hard fork at block 66,001- Slate becomes Solo
  • PoW improvements for lower end CPUs, CN-IO is born
  • Syncing and node banning improvements
January / February
  • v1.0.3.4 released, v14 Hard fork block 88,001
    • Emission Schedule adjustment - early contribution rewards discounted
    • Code rebase from Masari/NERVA upstream
    • Node ban improvements
    • Logging improvements
  • Tested changes planned for v15 Hardfork. Analysis
  • Logos/Branding created
  • Website Launched
  • Block Explorer Launched
  • Git Repository events announcement bot added to Discord
  • Social media accounts created, ANNs posted
  • v1.0.3.5 released, v15 Hardfork block 227,001
    • SECOR (Uncle Mining) - Improved security and faster blocks
    • Full Bulletproofs - Reduced transaction size, lower fees
    • Upstream vulnerability reported by RYO Developers merged
    • Auto detection for mining threads added
    • Block Target changed to 20 seconds in mainnet
    • Mined Block reward adjusted maintaining emission schedule
  • SoloPay (Herb) the Discord tipbot launched with lotto functionality
  • Solo Wiki launched - Documentation and FAQ repository
  • v1.0.3.6 released, v16 Hardfork at block 277,001
    • Vulnerability Patch
    • Logging improvements
    • Adjusted DAA to address difficulty variance with faster block times
  • v1.0.3.7, v1.0.3.8 released
    • Logging improvements
    • Node Syncing improvements
  • Solo listed for trading at CRATEX
  • v1.0.4.0 released, v17 Hardfork at block 350,001
    • Difficulty Algorithm Improvements
    • Network Syncing Improvements
  • v1.0.4.1, v1.0.4.2, v1.0.4.3 released
    • Code cleanup and removal of obsolete functions
    • Node banning improvements
  • v1.0.4.4 released, v18 Hardfork at Block 440,001
    • Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm improvements
    • Cleanup checkpoints, Remove obsolete code
  • Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm research released
  • Solo listed for trading at exchange TradeCX
  • SoloOS - USB bootable operating system for mining on x86 systems released
  • v1.0.4.5 and v1.0.4.6 released
    • Merge in contrib/depends from Monero upstream
    • Improvements for high core/thread count CPUs and multi-socket platforms
  • Implement Gitlab CI for signed releases
  • ARMHF and ARM64 binaries released
  • Android64 binaries released - Android Command Line Miner
  • Website updated
  • v1.0.4.7 and v1.0.4.8 released
    • Merge in blockchain-export/import fixes from Masari upstream for Uncle blocks
    • General code cleanup/optimization
    • Remove AES_NI check for non-AES builds
    • CLI Wallet logging improvements
    • Compile time build tests
  • Solo listed at Bisq
  • v1.1.0.1 'Carbonite' Released
    • Major rebase from Monero v0.14.1.0 upstream
    • Trezor Model T support
    • Ledger Support up to Nano X
    • Experimental TOR/I2P/SOCKS support
    • Syncing speed and reliability improvements
    • Cold signing support
    • Multisig Messaging System
    • Cold signing/storage support
    • Added riscv64 support
  • Solo listed at SouthXchange
  • v1.1.0.2 and v1.1.0.3 Released
    • Better logging and info displayed during syncing
    • net_node code cleanup
    • Update mining_status command in solod to add Estimated Earnings with disclaimer included.
    • Add arg_fluffy_blocks / arg_no_fluffy_blocks flags
Future Goals
  • GUI Wallet and one click miner
  • Blockchain based messaging
  • Port Web wallet from Masari
  • Android/iOS mobile apps with wallet, one click miner, and blockchain messaging
  • Technical whitepaper on CN-IO
  • Benchmark Mode - Feature will allow user to benchmark device hashrates and cryptographically publish results to the blockchain
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