Scalable, Decentralized, Private


PoW algorithm: CN-IO

Protocols: RingCT, CryptoNote, Bulletproofs, SECOR

Block time: 20 seconds

Difficulty: Re-targets at every block

Genesis block: 11/2/2018, 8:00:54 AM UTC

Max supply: ~18.5 Billion before tail emission

Adaptive Reward based on historical data - emission formula slightly decreases block reward each block as a function of all coinbase transaction amounts previously generated. Reward for blocks 1-88,000 based on a speed factor per minute of 22, resulting in a reward ranging from ~549.76 to ~548.32.

Reward for blocks 88,001 and greater based on a speed factor per minute of 25, resulting in a reward starting at ~4,386.53 at block 88,001. At block 227,001 the block target was changed from 60s -> 20s and thus the reward cut into 1/3, resulting in a reward starting at ~1414.51. See the latest block coinbase transaction amount for the current block reward.

Premine and Early Contributions: Solo is a continuation of a side project started by NERVA developer angrywasp and included a pre-mine of ~70,368, representing 0.00038% of the total supply. At block 66001 a hard fork was activated, after this time the founder no longer participated in development. At the time of the fork ~36,318,207 coins had been minted representing ~0.196% of the total supply.



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